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Computers in the Houpt Lab

king subnet mask: IP Gateway:

Computer Location IP address MAC address URL
Principia 3009 00:03:93:7c:43:02 (en0)
Voyages laptop DHCP c8:bc:c8:8f:2f:55 (en0), 78:ca:39:ba:71:cd (wifi)
Tesla 3029 00:1f:5b:35:2c:2d (en1)
Micrographia 3029A
Vaio 3029
Brother HL-6180DW 3029 30:05:5c:86:10
MacMini 3013 00:1f:f3:45:6d:18 (en0), 00:23:6c:7a:23:b3 (wifi)
BRF iMac 115 DHCP

Setup of sftp server for EvoCam

Make sure sftp is selected.

The url for storing the image is (e.g. for an image named "magnet.jpg"):


Note that two slashes are required between the root url ( s and the start of the working directory (//Library/...). EvoCam first connects to the root url, and then attempts to put the image file into the directory. If the directory is not a subdirectory of the user's login directory, then an initial slash is required. Two slashes makes EvoCam parse the directory with an initial slash.

Computer Hints

1. Acid Search from

Add a search channel for PubMed:

Add a search channel for Wikipedia:

Add a search channel for YouTube:

2. Add Debug/Develop menu to Safari:

Safari > Preferences... > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar

3. to make Safari pass PDFs to Preview instead of opening itself:

defaults write WebKitOmitPDFSupport -bool YES

(also remove Adobe PDF viewer from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins)

(could also try using Safari Enhancer (Discontinued))

4. To change the __MyCompanyName__ in Xcode (from MacOSXGuru.Net):

Open the ProjectBuilder preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/ or the Xcode one (~/Library/Preferences/ and edit the dictionary associated with the key PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions (create one if it does not exist, as child of the root node), edit or add the key ORGANIZATIONNAME, the associated string value will be used when PB creates new source files.

You could also do it via

defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions '{ "ORGANIZATIONNAME" = "Behavioral Cybernetics";}'


defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions '{ "ORGANIZATIONNAME" = "Behavioral Cybernetics";}'

5. download stuffit expander

6. make iChat autoconnect

defaults write AutoAcceptVCInvitations -1

7. Making bootable backups:

sudo rsync -xrlptgoEv --progress --delete / /Volumes/Backup

or just use Carbon Copy Cloner

8. Replace file extension of all files within a directory tree

find ~/MyDirectory -name '*.txt' -exec bash -c 'mv "{}" "`dirname "{}"`/`basename "{}" txt`xls"' \;

The first arg is the parent directory of the data. Find will recurse thru all sub-dirs. This command replaces ".txt" with ".xls"

9. DNS Servers for use outside FSU's Network

To avoid evil ISP DNS servers (comast, one can use any of the following DNS servers:

FSU Magnet Lab: (

EasyDNS DNSresovlers:, ( DNSResolver shut down in 2013

DO NOT USE FSU's DNS SERVERS: Outside of FSU's network, the DNS servers are in cache-only mode, so only commonly accessed names can be resolved.

10. Epson C82 Blank Ouput Problem and Fix

When an Epson C82 unexpectedly starts outputing blank pages, it is likely that the ink purge tube has become disconnected.

11. Command-Line Downloading/Uploading a file from an offline WebDAV Volume

Sometime it is useful to send/receive files from a WebDAV server, without having to login and mount the Volume in the Finder.

Download "IGNATUS-SMALL.png" to current directory:

curl -O

Upload "" in current directory to LabDisk:

curl -u user:password -T

DNS for home website

Install DNSUpdate to make sure the webserver's current IP address is sent to EasyDNS

Give the webserver a dedicated IP address within the Airports sub-net (typically 10.0.1.X), but outside the DHCP range (typically to avoid conflicts.

Tell the Airport to map public port 80 onto the web server's private address on port 80

Notes on Micrographia Graphics Problems


Micrographia has been exhibiting graphic display problems for some time. windows, menus, and icons are displayed chopped up, usually with a diagonal dividing line down the drawing rectangle. The only immediate way to eliminate the problem was to set the displays color depth to 256.

Although we were initially suspicious of a hardware problem, performing a safe boot (boot with shift-key down) eliminates the problem. Further investigations revealed that the problem only occurs when Quartz Extreme is enabled (via System Profiler). Quartz Debug (/Developer/Applications/Performance Tools) can be used to manually enable/disable Quartz Extreme.

One possible work-around is to use the Disable Quartz Extreme Hack.

Notes on repairing crashed Mediawiki Search Index

As root run:

myisamchk -r /usr/local/mysql-5.1.30-osx10.4-powerpc/data/magnetowikidb/mw_searchindex