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A list of experiments currently in progress:

1/8/07 Sucrose/NaCl CTA two-bottle discrimination (Expt SO) Follow-up experiment to experiment SN. Rats (n=12) will be conditioned against 5% sucrose or 75 mM NaCl paired with LiCl (12 ml/kg), then given two bottle preference tests: Sucr vs NaCl, Sucr vs water, and NaCl vs water.

1/5/06 GLP-1 and Serine Racemase RT-PCR From male sprague-dawley rat, dissected gustatory cortex, cerebellum, hypothalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus/cortex for RNA extraction by Trizol. Will perform RT-PCR for serine racemase (RD) and GLP-1R receptors (BO).