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This is page on Ketofen

Ingredient MW g volume g/l Molarity Osmolarity
Ketofen 254.3 0.625 0.05 12.5 0.049154542 0.098309084
NaHC03 84 0.25 0.05 5 0.05952381 0.119047619

To get ketofen into solution, for every 2.5mg ketofen, add 1mg bicarbonate (preferably potassium but sodium works too). Heat to ~55-65 degrees C during mixing. (Source:

 To mix a ketofen solution of 12.5mg/mL for systemic injection:
     625mg ketofen
     250mg potassium bicarbonate
       50mL ddH2O
                   -Heat H2O; add bicarbonate and mix with stir bar until dissolved. Add ketofen and mix until the foaming subsides and a clear solution remains.

     Average rat gets 0.2ul subcutaneously (containing 2.5mg ketofen)