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Submitted: 6/12/07

Davenport, R.A. and T.A. Houpt. D-cycloserine enhances short-delay, but not long-delay, conditioned taste aversion learning in rats. Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. submitted.

MS #

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Submitted: 6/5/07

Cason, A.M., B.S. Kwon, J.C. Smith, and T.A. Houpt. Labyrinthectomy abolishes the behavioral and neural response of rats to a high-strength static magnetic field. J. Neurosci., submitted.

MS# JN-RM-2535-07

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Submitted: 5/4/07

Reviews: 6/11/07

Kwon, B.S., M. Goltz, and T.A. Houpt. Expression of AP-1 family transcription factors in the amygdala during conditioned taste aversion learning: role for Fra-2, has been given a new ID. Brain Research, submitted.

MS #BRES-D-07-00784

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