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A list of online brain atlantes for mice and rats, some of which we may integrate into Atlantis and MindsEye.

Allen Brain Atlas. Hi throughput, high resolution maps of various brains (mouse, human, and primate). Lots of data, not sure if there is an official API to grab images.

Mouse Brain Library at the University of Tennessee. The images are being stored as Pivot collection ( see TED talk.)

Brain Maps from UC Davis Lots of scans from different species, but sampling across the whole brain is sparse.

Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy has MRI based brain atlases buried somewhere on the site.

Harvard High Resolution Brain Atlas sparse data set, nice interface and 3D images

UCLA Lab of Neuro Imaging hase several 3D atlases of primats and rodents.

3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor -- has links to some online brain atntes.

[NYU Virtual Microscope] (not brain specific) uses google earth tools to navigate 1000's of histology slides.