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File Formats

Description of Bruker MRI data file formats.

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Each Experiment directory contains another subdirectory called pdata as well as several data files:

fid: the raw unreconstructed data file (i.e. the “k-space” time-domain data)
method: text file containing the high-level acquisition parameters (e.g. number of pixels, measurement method, field of view, echo time, repetition time, number of averages, etc.)
acqp: text file containing the base-level acquisition parameters (the method parameters are derived from these acqp parameters, which are a bit like the “machine-code” variables of the pulse sequence that was used)
pulseprogram: text file containing the MRI sequence
pdata folder: only exists for image data. It contains subdirectories corresponding to the different Processed Datasets of the current Experiment – each directory is named after the<ProcNo>(e.g.1,2,etc.). For the majority of cases,the“1”directory contains the processed image data. Files in “1” include the following:
2dseq: the processed image data, expressed in a raw binary format without header. If there are multiple slices in the dataset, they are usually stored contiguously. The default binary word type is 16 bit signed integer, little endian.
Reco: text file including all reconstruction parameters