c-Fos Antibodies

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Santa Cruz sc-52

anti-c-Fos rabbit polyclonal IgG, catalog no. sc-52, 200 µg/ml, $259

also available as goat IgG, 200 µg/ml, sc-52-G, see below

datasheet: http://datasheets.scbt.com/sc-52.pdf

Epitope: mapping at the N-terminus of c-Fos of human origin

From Santa Cruz Biotech:

Dear Dr. Tom Houpt,
Greetings from Santa Cruz Biotechnology.
The exact immunogen used is proprietary, however I would be more than happy to provide you with an 50 amino acid range. The 50 amino acid range corresponds to amino acids 1-50 of the published protein accession P01100.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.
Loren Hatt, Technical Service Representative, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
(800) 457-3801, h-a-t-t-l@scbt.com

Calbiochem Ab-5

Anti-c-Fos (Ab-5) (4-17) Rabbit pAb, catalog No. PC38 100 µl, $213. Data sheet.

Epitope: A synthetic peptide (SGFNADYEASSSRC) (Cat. No. PP10) corresponding to amino acids 4-17 of human c-Fos

Santa Cruz 4-G

Anti-c-Fos (4G) goat polyclonal, catalog SC-52-G , $279

data sheet: http://datasheets.scbt.com/sc-52.pdf

Dilution: use at 1:1000 for DAB chromogenic IHC, based on dilution curve using LiCl-induced c-Fos in rat forebrain from 2012-1-10.