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When you are outside FSU's network, non-open journal articles can only be accessed using the FSU Library proxy. Normally, this requires laboriously re-finding the article via the FSU library web site. The FSU Library Proxy Bookmarklet provides a convenient shortcut, by directly converting URLs to use the library proxy.


Simply drag the following link to your bookmark bar or menu:

FSU Proxy


When viewing a closed-access paper, such as Kwon and Houpt 2008 on ScienceDirect, click the FSU Proxy bookmark to access the paper via the FSU Library proxy.

Browsers Supported

The FSU Proxy bookmarklet has been verified to work in the following browsers:

  • Safari 3.2
  • Firefox 3

The bookmarklet is known to not to work in:

  • Opera 9.6

Versions for Other Libraries

Cornell University Library Proxy