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Random ideas for future experiments, hopefully coalescing into a grant or two.

Sex Differences in Vestibular Function and Taste Aversion

Follow-up of Angie Cason's work

Sex Differences in response to rotation (taste aversion, c-Fos)

Localization of estrogen receptors in vestibular system?

Sex differences in response to lithium or other USes?

Explore fact that female rats do not extinguish taste aversion?

Sex differences in ability to learn conditioned flavor preferences?

Taste aversion in pregnancy

Increased sensitivity in CTA learning during pregnancy/pseudopregnancy/hormone simulation?

Increased sensitivity to expression of CTA during pregnancy?

Increased sensitiivty in taste reactivity to bitter compounds (e.g. gapes to quinine?)

Model of hyperemesis gravidarum, using human chorionic gonadotropin as US