Hypervitaminosis A

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NB: 1 international unit (IU) = 0.3 retinol equivalents (RE); 1 RE = 1 µg retinol = 0.0035 µmol retinol.

The current RDA for men is set at 900 RE (3,000 IU).

Acute toxicity occurs when adults and children ingest > 300,000 IU and > 60,000 IU over hours to days.

Chronic toxicity occurs with daily intakes of more than 100,000 IU for more than 6 months, or more than 25 000 IU for more than 6 years.

Rodahl (1949) reported on the acute and chronic effects of vitamin A in rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and chickens. "Within a few hors after single doses in the range 50-100 I.U. vitaimn A/gm body weight [166-332 mg/kg], aymptoms of acute intoxication occurred in the form of general malady, changes in the pelts, drwosiness, muscular weakness and decreased activity."


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