Intraoral Catheter

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Intraoral catheter:

PE90 .034" ID .050" OD x 6 inches in length
Intramedic Clay Adams #7421, orderd from VWR #63019-08

Anchor washer for mouth:

PTFE Flat washer Ansi #0 .068 ID .188 OD .025 thick
Small Parts B000FMWA4C $5.56/package of 100

Retaining Washer on back:

instead of using a teflon washer as indicated, we make our own that have smaller ID and larger OD
punch out disc of thin plastic using standard office hole punch; melt hole with hot 21 gauge needle

Silastic sleeve:

.058" ID .077" OD slicone tubing, approx. 1 inch in length

Sliastic adhesive:

Corning Silastic Medical Adhesive Silicone Type A 2 ox/57g tube
Purchased from [ Factor II, inc] #A-100 $31.95
(required considerable paperwork, including affidavit that we wouldn't use in humans.)