JC & JD Systemic Sodium Selenate

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Test c-Fos induction

2012-6- Weigh rats JC1-12; JD 1-12

2012- 6- perfuse JC 1-12; JD 1-12

Reuse same rats, shuffled into new groups:

At -2 h, inject with sodium selenate in NaCl 0.15 M, 1 ml/kg at 5 doses:

0mg/kg Na2SeO4 0.5 mg/kg NaSeO4 1 mg/kg NaSeO4 2 mg/kg NaSeO4

and 0.15M LiCl 76 mg/kg as a positive control.

At 0 h, perfuse rats. Process for c-Fos (~1 week in the lab).