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Kaolin (hydrated aluminum silicate) is used as an adsorbent to remove toxins. It is also used as the substrate for testing Pica, or clay-eating after an aversive treatment.

Recipe for making Kaolin blocks, based on Woods papers, I think:

99 g kaolin (Sigma K7375)
1 g gum arabic (Sigma G-9752)
approx. 350 ml dH20

bake until dry.

Kaolin Pellets from Research Diets

Pricing for K50001 (1/2inch diameter pellet for rats and mice):

12.5 kg: $30/kg
25 kg: $25/kg
50 kg: $20/kg
100+ kg: $17/kg
250+ kg: $16/kg
500+ kg: $15/kg

(Research Diets 2011-4-20 also offered to make 3/16 inch pellets for guinea pigs, but I think we'll try the big pellets first.)