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Data from HouptLab/Habilis Kill-A-Watt Meter

Zojirushi Electric Dispensing Pot

Model No. CD-DEC40 Capacity: 4.0 L (4.23 QTS) Color: Herb White

24-Hour Test

Pot contained approximately 2-3 L of hot water, and was used to make a few cups of tea.

Total 24-hour Energy Usage: 1.37 kWH

Refill Test

Pot contained 2 L hot water and 2 L cold water was added, causing a De-chlorinate Boil.

Total 2 L Refill Energy Usage: 0.22 kWH

General Power Usage

Idling: alternate between 0 Watts and ~88 Watts

Refill Boil: ~800 Watts

Philips Water Kettle

Model: Type HD 4651/C Capacity: 420 L Color: White

Boil Test

Total 2 L Boil Energy Usage: 0.19 kWH

BRAUN FlavorSelect Coffee Maker

Model No. KF 180 B Capacity: 12 cups (~2.84 L) Color: Black

24-hour Test

Coffee Maker used to make 6 cups, with 2 hour keep-warm function and then on stand-bye the rest of the day.

Total 24-hour Energy Usage: 0.22 kWH

Brew Test

Total 2 L (8.4 cups) Brew Energy Usage: 0.12 kWH

Note: The Coffee Maker probably doesn't bring the water to boiling, thus the lower energy use.