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Useful Markers


Ki67 is a marker for proliferating cells, because it is present during all active phases of the cell cycle (G1, S, G2, and mitosis), but is absent from resting cells (G0) PMID 10653597 .

a rabbit anti-rat Ki67 monoclonal antibody (1:750, Biomeda, Foster City, CA) From Corniola et al PMID 18778998

The nuclear protein Ki67 is expressed during all active phases of the cell cycle. Three weeks of dietary zinc deficiency reduced the number of Ki67-positive cells in the SGZ and GCL of the dentate, suggesting that zinc is required for neuronal precursor cell proliferation in vivo. This conclusion is supported by the finding that zinc restriction of human neuronal precursors in culture decreased the number of cells that entered S-phase, as evidenced by a reduction in BrdU labeling.


anti-GAD67 rabbit antibody from Chemicon. Used by Tamamaki N et al to confirm expression pattern of GAD67-GFP mice PMID 14574680 Used by Stewart et al to demonstate GAD/GABA expression in SVZ progenitor cells PMID 11891665.

Millipore (nee Chemicon) Catalog # AB9706 (broken link:, Anti-GAD67 affinity purified rabbit polyclonal antibody; described for Western blotting. 100 µg, $239


DCX is a marker for migrating cells DCX (Santa Cruz) From Imayoashi et al PMID 18758458

Santa Cruz Catalog # sc-8066 anti-DCX goat polyclonal antibody. 200 µg/ml, $259

Found a posting on the interweb that recommended (instead of Santa Cruz) Abcam's anti-DCX antiserum ab18723, might try that for $325. Requires a heat retrieval step by heating at 60C.


Molecular Probes from Bagley et al PMID 17996088

Invitrogen NeuroTrace 435/455 blue fluorescent Nissl stain catalog #N-21479 1 ml, $120

Mount Neurotrace with Prolong Gold AntiFade invitrogen Catalog P36930 10 ml, $114.00


PMID 18945916