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Papers in preparation

= submitted, = in press

Okaidic acid


Chronic LiCl in Hotel

CR = UR neural activation

Short-Term CTA taste specificity

Taste specificity and conditioned c-Fos

Temperature aversions (Patrick Smith)

Heart rate and blood pressure

Lickometer short-term CTA

Learned safety and conditioned c-Fos


Long Delay and Short-term memory

Agression Screen

Magnet Habituation

Epileptic mice in magnet

het and tlt mice in magnet

magnet-induced c-Fos DRC

accutane and raphe gene expression

CFTP hotel

LICl and Magnet CTA extinction in hotel

capsaicin and conditioned c-Fos

amiloride and conditioned c-Fos

Rotation and CTA

Swimming mice

DCS and long-delay CTA


LCM and Fra2

Ladder through magnet

Stacked rats

DCS enhancement of CTA