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How to use Statistica on a Mac with a VirtualBox VM

Statistica VM Setup

A VirtualBox Virtual Machine (VM) running Windows XP and Statistica is installed under the Statistica user on the Mac tower "Tesla" in the Microscope Room (3029).

The Statistica VM is setup with a virtual network share, allowing access to the Mac's Shared folder (/Users/Shared).

Running Statistica in the Statistica VM

  1. Place any files you need to access from Statistica in the Mac's Shared folder (/Users/Shared). Unless you change the permissions, these files will have read-only access by the Statistica user and VM.
  2. Login as the Statistica user
  3. Launch VirtualBox (either from Dock or Desktop alias)
  4. Select the "Statistica" VM, and press the Start button, then once Windows XP has launched, use Statistica normal.

Access Mac Files from the Statistica VM

The Statistica VM's virtual network share is called "Mac Shared Folder" and can be found by selecting "My Network Places" from the Start menu.

Note: When files are saved in "Mac Shared Folder", they will only be readable by the Mac user "Statistica". If you need to share the file with another user, change the access permissions from the Finder's Get Info dialog (File>Get Info).