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Reference site: http://www.watermaze.org/

FSU setup for Mice

Currently have:

Wading pool (approximate 2m diameter x 20 cm deep, dark blue)

Tripod and stand for video camera (could replace with ladder, or with ceiling mount)

Sony Digitial8 Camcorder

Heat lamps

Pump to empty pool

Need to Get

Platform for mice

White tempora or latex for making water opaque

geometric shapes or posters on walls to serve as visual cues

Heater for water

insulation to cover pool to prevent heat loss

drainage system (e.g. a spigot on side)

Nice to get in future

Ceiling mount for video camera or mount mirror on ceiling

Realtime tracking software

Table to get water maze off the floor.

Sources of Water Mazes and Equipment

ANY-maze $1195 for 6-foot diameter, metal, with wheels and side drain

SD Instruments 6ft x 30" deep, polyethylene blue or white, drain kit

List of suppliers HVS Image has a list of places that sell galvanized or polyethylene tanks

Bioseb French company

TSE Systems

Muromachi Japanese company, I think they sell their own water maze pool.

Aquaculture Tanks

Solar Components Transparent fiberglass tanks

Dolphin Fiberglass Products located in Homestead, FL . They list 6' by 2' round tanks here. Note that you can get feet put on the tanks. (see their picture catalog].

Aquatic Eco-Systems (now Pentair) Located in Apopka, FL. Large selection.

Plastic-Mart Livestock watering tubs.

Tracking Software

Watermaze Software (Edinburgh) also sold by Coulbourn Instruments


HVS Image



DV-Track from Muromachi

Tracker from the Houpt Lab