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These are notes on Administering WordPress on Magnet.

Installing WordPress

In general follow the standard Installation Steps, with the following details.

To create the database I used the command-line method. Access the database as root:

sudo mysql

When editing wp-config.php, change the DB_HOST setting from 'localhost' to ''. Magnet doesn't seem to be resolving localhost properly, so the IP address is a work-around.

wp-config.php: define('DB_HOST', '');

To allow WordPress to upload images, the wp-content directory should be made group writable:

chmod -R g+rw blog/wp-content

Notes on Moving a WordPress Blog

Before moving the blog, login as an administrator and in Settings/General, change the WordPress and Blog URLs to the new location.

After moving the blog, you may need to adjust the Upload paths in Settings/Misc.