TM Stronger NaCl CTA in 14-3-3 Transgenics

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Test of stronger CTA in transgenic mice that overexpress R18 peptide, which blocks the ability of 14-3-3 to bind other proteins.

This is a follow-up (using the same mice) to experiment TK CTA in 14-3-3 Transgenics and TL Stronger CTA in 14-3-3 Transgenics. The dose of LiCl was increased to 40 ml/kg 0.15M i.p., and 75 mM NaCl was used as the CS.

Continued in experiment TN Unconditioned Aversions in 14-3-3 Transgenics.

Adam Kimbrough, Yuying Wu, Dr. Thomas A. Houpt, Dr. Yi Zhou


8 wildtype females; 8 wildtype males

8 mutant females; 8 mutant males

LiCl mutant group: TK 1,3,9,11, =mutant females; TK 5,7, 13,15 =mutant males

NaCl mutant group TK 2,4,10,12= mutant females; TK 6,8,14,16= mutant males

LiCl wildtype group: TK 17,19,25,27= wildtype females; TK 21,23,29,31= wildtype males

NaCl wildtype group TK 18,20,26,28 = wildtype females TK 22,24,30,32 = wildtype male

6 Days of water deprivation (3h, 3h, 1h, 1h, 30m, 30m -> conditioning 10m) with intakes recorded each day.

10 minute 0.45% NaCl access (4.5g/liter) = 75 mM NaCl

Choice of NaCl concentration was based on Eylam & Spector 2002 PMID 11895177 (C%7BL/6J showed slight preference for NaCl < 100 mM, with a detection threshold of 65 mM in the gustometer) and Ishiwatari & Bachmanov 2012 PMID 22293936 (C57BL/6J showed ~60% preference for 75 mM, but detection down to 5 mM when NaCl used as CS)

10 minutes after NaCl access injection with 0.15M LiCl or NaCl (40 ml/kg high mouse dose)

Intakes recorded

14 days 24-h 2 bottle access to 0.45% NaCl (4.5g/liter) and water with intakes recorded.